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Project: Automatedtestingtraining


This project contains material for a basic training on automated testing

Tools/techniques used

It contains examples of unit testing using rspec, and of BDD-style testing using Cucumber.

Example app, carrying the training

The example app, that is gradually being built when giving the training, is a simple bank-like system with an account that can be credited and debited.

Training workflow

When running the exercise, the goal is to work outside-in:
1. Add a Gherkin specification/example to the features
2. Run Cucumber, see it fail, copy&paste the step_definition skeleton and tweak it (add variable names mostly)
3. In order to make on Gherkin step pass, create a unit test first with rspec
4. Run rspec to get a red test
4. Write code to get to green
6. Refactor
7. Repeat unit tests until one Gherkin step passes
8. Repeat Gherkin steps until the features passes


I intend to add Fitnesse/Selenium/other tools to this training later, so students see all technologies and can make informed decisions on what path they want to take.


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Last published about 7 years ago by André Heijstek.