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Open an Custom CSV Dialect file

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As a Data Packager
I want to open a separated value file with a custom CSV Dialect
So that I can package data stored on non-standard separated value files

The data may be stored in a ".tsv", ".csv" or ".txt" file

Custom separated value file formats can be described using a CSV Dialect
CSV dialect specification - http://frictionlessdata.io/specs/csv-dialect/#specification

Use the CSV dialect specified in Table Properties to determine how to open the file and seperate values into the correct columns

If there are no CSV dialect settings specified in Table Properties, use the CSV dialect specified in Preferences

If there are no CSV dialect settings specified, prompt the use to supply them

Open an existing custom dialect separated value file
Data Curator is open
I invoke the "Open, Custom Dialect" command
a prompt, requesting the 'filename' and location is shown
only files ending with a ".csv", ".tsv" or ".txt" can be selected
the selected file is opened using the CSV dialect in a new data tab to the right of any other open data tabs
set the Tab name to the 'filename'
set the CSV Dialect in the Table Properties to "Custom Dialect"

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.