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Sample Data Quality Report

Sometimes data is published with known quality issues. The data publisher may intend to correct the data in the future or perhaps never correct the data as it is fit for their purpose.

This data quality report will help you decide if the data is fit for your purpose.


This report was generated on {date-time} using the {datapackage-name} Data Package which includes {number-of-tables} table(s):


The results are available to read below.

The results can be reproduced in different formats using these steps:

  1. Go to {tool-url}
  2. Provide the data-package filename/url
  3. Select the output format:

    • markdown (.md)

    • comma separated value (.csv) (sample)

    • javascript object notation (.json) (sample)

  1. download the results

{table-name-1} table

The table has:

  • {number-of-rows} rows
  • {number-of-columns} columns
  • {headerRow} header rows

The columns in the table are {described} by a schema.

The graphic below shows an overview of missing values and data type mismatches.

{insert csv-fingerprint}

The table includes the following columns:

{column-name-1} column

Column properties










Quality measures

{column-name-2} column

{column-name-3} column

{table-name-2} table

{column-name-1} column

{column-name-2} column

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.