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Remove Columns

As a Data Packager

I want to delete one or more columns

So that I can only share the data that is appropriate to share


  • One column can be deleted based on the location of the cursor in the table
  • One or more columns can be deleted by selecting a number of columns
  • If the a column is deleted, move the cursor to the next column
  • If the last column is deleted, instead moving the cursor to the next column, move the cursor to the previous column
  • When a column is deleted, leave the cursor in the same row
  • The "Remove Column(s)" command can be invoked using a menu item, keyboard shortcut or a context menu in the data tab
Remove Column(s)
a column(s) is selected
"Remove Column(s)" is invoked
the selected column(s) should be deleted
the cursor should move to the required position in the table

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.