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As a Data Packager

I want to reverse the edit command(s) or data entry I just performed by mistake

So that I can revert the data or metadata to a prior good state


  • Only Edit commands and Data Entry can be undone
  • Data entry in any panel can be undone when the panel is active
  • Undo only works within the scope of the current active panel back to when the panel was bought into focus
  • Edit commands can be undone until the last non-edit command only when the users is in the data table.
  • If the user is in side panel (i.e. not working on the table data) and invokes Undo, nothing should be undone in the data table.
  • The "Undo" command can be invoked using a menu item or keyboard shortcut
Undo a command
a command that can be undone has been performed
"Undo" is invoked
the previous command should be reversed

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.