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Project: Data-curator

Open a Comma separated value file

As a Data Packager
I want to open a comma separated value (CSV) file
So that I can describe, validate and package the data


  • The Open Comma Separated command can be invoked using the menu or a keyboard shortcut
  • The data will be stored in a ".csv" file
  • The most common form of separated value files is a comma separated value (CSV) file. The CSV Dialect specification describes variations that use Tab or Semicolon to seperate values. Custom formats are sometimes used. Each of these formats can be described using a CSV Dialect that describes the 'delimiter' and other options.
  • Use the default CSV dialect values in the specification to open the file and separate the values into the correct columns.


  • "Guess Column Properties" on opening the file
  • @impl
Open a file
Data Curator is open
the "File"->"Open"->"Comma separated..." menu is selected
the openfile dialog should be displayed
  • @impl
Open an existing comma separated value file
Data Curator is open
the "csv" file "valid.csv" is selected in the openfile dialog
a new tab with the title "valid" should be displayed
the table rows and columns should match the "csv" file

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.