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Save as

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As an Data Packager

I want to save the data changes in the active data tab to a valid separated value file format

So that the data can be retrieved later


  • The default file type will be a comma separated file and the and CSV dialect delimiter ","
  • If available in Preferences, update the default the file type and CSV dialect delimiter
  • The CSV dialect selected may change the file extension e.g. tab separated values files use .tsv
  • The "Save as..." command can be invoked from the menu or using a keyboard shortcut
  • The "Save as..." command can be cancelled


  • This will replace the file type specific save as commands
Save the data
Data Curator is open
a CSV Dialect Preference may have been set
"Save As..." is invoked
a prompt using the defaults and requesting the file type, name and location should be displayed
the file should be saved with that file type, name and location

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.