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Save progress

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As an Data Packager
I want to save work in progress

So that I can come back to my work later without losing any information I've entered

Working with complex data with many foreign key relationships or even dealing with a laptop battery issue, can take time. It would be good to save the work done so far; Saving all work done as a potentially invalid datapackage.zip file.


  • Data must be saved first
  • All data, properties and provenance information are saved as a tabular data package in a .zip file
  • No validation is performed
  • "Save Progress" can be invoked from the menu or shortcut


  • What should the menu item be called?
  • What should be the keyboard shortcut?
  • Should the name of the .zip file have something to indicate that it's work in progress or should that be left to the user?
Save progress
Data Curator is open
all data has been saved
some properties have been entered or derived
"Save Progress" is invoked
a prompt for location and name to save the file should be displayed
the data, properties and provenance information should be saved into a .zip file

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.