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Publish Data Package

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As a Data Packager

I want to publish a data package to an open data portal

So that I don't have to upload it manually through the open data portal's user interface


  • The ability to publish to an open data portal is usually secured through an API key
  • The API key must not be stored and must be kept secret
  • The preferred Open Data Portal and URL may be stored in Preferences
  • CKAN is a popular open data portal and will be the initial target. Datahub.io is another target.
  • There is a CKAN extension that supports uploading data packages through the API
  • The "Publish Data Package" command can be invoked using a menu item
Publish Data Package
Data Curator is open
a datapackage.zip file is ready to publish
I invoke "Publish Data Package"
a prompt for the filename and location of the datapackage.zip file, portal type, url and API key should be displayed
any preference settings should be defaulted into the input values
the selected file should be to published to the open data portal via an API

Last published almost 2 years ago by Matt Mulholland.