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Project: Cukesalad-examples 0.8.1

Cukesalad-examples 0.8.1

These scenarios are examples of what you might write using cukesalad.

cukesalad is an extension to cucumber that does away with regular expression.

The examples are for your typical calculator. To 'automate' this:

When I add, the number '1' to the number '2'

You might write something like this:

in_order_to 'add', the_number: :first_number, and_the_number: :second_number do
  enter the :first_number 
  press :plus
  enter the :second_number 
  press :equals

You can find the code behind these on Github.


  1. A Place To Start
  2. Addition
  3. Complex Calculations
  4. Subtraction
  5. Typical Calculator Workflow

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