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Project: Riverglide-website 2011-07-20_09-50-34_UTC

Riverglide-website 2011-07-20_09-50-34_UTC

RiverGlide logo

These features describe the new riverglide website that we're developing.

We're not far along the development of our new site. It doesn't do much, other than sit there and look pretty, so far. More will follow. You can follow the evolution of the site below and do check out the 'specification' or 'acceptance tests' (if you're viewing this on Relish the specification is in the form of all those links on the left).

Otherwise, why not go to http://riverglide.com and see what's there so far.

Updates in this release

Now you can Get to know us:

screen shot of the home page

In the beginning, there was nothing

There really was nothing!

We thought we should have A Place to Start

The page was blank - but it had a title: "RiverGlide - flow without friction"

Then, A Recognisable Landmark

nothing more than our company logo

And people should know how to Get in Touch

screen shot showing our contact details on the home page

We felt our customer's knew us best and shared A Testimonial

screen shot of the home page

Then we felt we should help you Get to Know Us

screen shot of the home page


  1. about
  2. behind the scenes
  3. A Place to Start
  4. A Recognisable Landmark
  5. A Testimonial
  6. Get in Touch
  7. Get to Know Us

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