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Global Cost Estimator

SIRVA's Global Cost Estimator provides the capability to generate immediate estimates for the relocation of employees around the world. This site presents the living documentation for this automated estimating tool. This documentation is organized into topics detailing the behavior of each of the major functional features of the tool.

Each specific topic includes a brief overview that indicates what the feature does (through an I WANT statement) and the value provided (through a SO THAT statement). Following this overview statement is a list of business scenarios to which the capability applies. Detailed examples for how the capability works in each of the scenarios is then provided. These examples include:

  1. a GIVEN clause highlighting the conditions necessary for accomplishing the desired behavior
  2. a WHEN clause indicating the specific action being taken within the tool
  3. a THEN clause describing the outcome of that action

In addition to this behavioral description of the cost estimator's capabilities, a quick reference guide for administrators and a quick reference guide for users are available.

Finally, as we release new capabilities to the tool, release notes describing the new changes are provided on this site.


  1. Administration
  2. Benefit calculations
  3. Example
  4. Generate cost estimate
  5. Release notes

Last published almost 7 years ago by Doug Snyder.