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Functionality for administration of the Global Cost Estimator site is available to logged in users with a standard Administrator role. The site provides access to the majority of these functions through the Client dropdown menu.

Manage users allows for the creation, modification and deletion of user accounts and the assignment of appropriate security roles and claims to those user accounts.

Manage roles allows for creation, modification and deletion of roles for the cost estimator tool and assignment of appropriate rights for the roles. This capability provides for the creation of custom user roles to ensure user accounts can be established with appropriate security access to features in the Global Cost Estimator.

Manage policies allows for creation, modification and deletion of company policies. This configuration of policies is necessary to ensure the calculator tool provides an accurate cost estimate for employees being provided the specific benefits available under their relocation policy. This configuration requires the identification of relocation benefits for short term, long term or permanent assignments within a given policy. It also requires:

  1. indication of optional or mandatory benefits
  2. type of calculation to be used in the estimator for each of the benefits
  3. whether a benefit cap is applied

At any point in time, a policy may be in a status of Under Construction, Active or Inactive. Cost estimates can only be created for policies in an Active status. As such, it is imperative that the administrator "activates" each policy and assignment type combination upon completion of configuration.

The site provides access to the capability of the user to reset passwords through the Manage Account menu item found under the user's log in account name.


  1. Reset Password
  2. Manage Policies - Add & Edit
  3. Manage Policies - Configure Benefits
  4. Manage Policies - View
  5. Manage Roles
  6. Manage Users

Last published almost 7 years ago by Doug Snyder.