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Generate cost estimate

Generating a cost estimate requires completion of a set of steps.

Step 1: Choose Policy & Assignment Type
The first step in generating a cost estimate is identifying the policy and assignment type under which the employee is being relocated. By making this selection, the cost estimator is able to provide a list of the potential benefits upon which the estimate may be calculated. These benefits are selected based on the policy assignment type configuration provided by a GCE administrator.

Step 2: Select Benefits to Estimate
Any benefits configured as mandatory for the policy and assignment type are automatically selected to be part of the cost estimate and cannot be removed. Optional benefits are defaulted as selected and can be deselected in order to remove them from the cost estimate.

Step 3: Provide Assignee Information
During this step of the process, the requester identifies the employee for whom to generate the cost estimate. The required information includes details about the employee, the specific assignment and any other needed information based on the benefits being estimated.

Step 4: Review and Submit Cost Estimate Request
Prior to submitting the request for the cost estimate, the requester has one last chance to review the provided information to verify it is correct. At this point, the requester can go back and change any incorrect information or submit the request to generate the estimate.

Step 5: View and Edit Generated Cost Estimate
The final step in creating the cost estimate is viewing the generated results. From this point, the requester can edit the cost estimate, going back through each of the prior steps and then re-submitting for an updated estimate. If the requester is a file manager, then an option for overriding the calculated dollar values of each line item in the calculated estimate is also available.


  1. Create Estimate - View and Edit
  2. Cost Estimate - Select Services
  3. Create Estimate - Assignee Information
  4. Create Estimate - Review and Submit
  5. Create Estimate - Select Policy

Last published almost 7 years ago by Doug Snyder.