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The Agile Tester
Who is The Agile Tester?

The Agile Tester is a craftsman developing software guided by the values and principles of the agile manifesto.

The Agile Tester is a member of a team that applies "whole team" and other agile approaches to software development including business owners and domain experts, developers and testers.

Agile Testing begins with an executable specification developed as part of a collaborative effort to create an unambiguous specification using examples and behavior driven development.

Agile Testing is the orchestration of a 'polyglot' of the right kinds of testing using Brian Marick's testing quadrants to guide our balance, but adapted to our needs.

Read more about the testing quadrants here

This project consists of several Cucumber examples that have been expressed specifically to be used as talking points and serve as general examples of Cucumber.

An example of Cucumber for Non-Functional Behavior


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