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Project: Dblgbc

Workflow - Overview

As a Bible publishing stakeholder
In order to publish many translations of the Word of God
And in what forms they are published
And how close they are to being published in other forms
And to facilitate more publishing

EXPRESSIONs have states reflecting how ready they are for digital publishing.
I am a librarian
I view a list of Bible Translations
I see them in one of the following "catalog_states"
I will will understand them to mean "meaning"
catalog_states meaning
supposed someone think it exists enough to describe it as a new entry with enough metadata to identify it
exists we know it exists, but haven't located a copy (probably means we've imported catalog data, but no copy on shelf)
located we know where it is, but haven't secured a copy yet
incomplete fragments or drafts is possessed
print published or publishing ready version is possessed
image we have legible scans
ocr we have non-proofed ocr text
digital we have a proofed ocr, word document, or other electronic textual version
paratext we have a paratext project for the translation
dbl the project has been uploaded to the dbl
vetted the dbl project has been approved for licensing
licensed license has been granted to at least one digital publisher
received at least one digital publisher has gotten (downloaded) the data
staged at least one digital publisher has staged the data for review
approved at least one staged version has been approved for production release
online at least one digital publisher has made a version publically available (resulting in a new EXPRESSION in the catalog!)

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