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Live Scores

On Football Competition pages, the right-hand Live Scores link in the secondary navigation needs to be context sensitive,
so that the link takes the user to Live Scores for the competition they were previously viewing.

Scenario Outline
I view the "page" page
the "Live Scores" link should go to "destination"
page destination
Football /sport/football/livescores
Scottish Premier League /sport/football/livescores/scottish-premier
Football - Premier League /sport/football/livescores/premier-league
Football - All Teams - Arsenal /sport/football/livescores
Football - All Teams - Arsenal - Fixtures /sport/football/livescores
Rugby League /sport1/hi/rugby_league/live_scores/default.stm
Rugby Union /sport1/hi/rugby_union/live_scores/default.stm
Tennis /sport1/hi/tennis/live_scores/default.stm
Golf /sport1/hi/golf/live_scores/default.stm
Examples: Fails because there is no 'Live Scores' link - James says there should be
page destination
Scottish Football /sport/football/livescores

Last published over 7 years ago by andy8.