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Project: Bogus 0.1.2



  • Removed rspec warning about backtrace_clean_patterns


  • Minor bugfixes to Ruby 2.0 support
  • Support for Rubinius (head) and JRuby
  • Overwrite described_class in on verify_contract
  • Added with{} and any(Klass) argument matchers
  • Added have_received(:name, args) syntax


  • Support for stubbing on frozen fakes
  • Safe stubbing of constructors
  • Fixed spying on anonymous fakes
  • Automatic handling of ActiveRecord columns
  • Support Ruby 2.0 keyword arguments

Breaking changes:

  • Fakes no longer return themselves from unstubbed method calls, because this was often a source of confusion. In the new version we return a Bogus::UndefinedReturnValue which contains the method name and arguments from where it was returned.


  • Support mocking methods with optional parameters


  • Global fake configuration
  • Inline method stubbing syntax
  • Removed dependency on RR
  • verifies_contracts records on described_class instead of class based on fake name
  • Replacing classes with fakes
  • Extracting common interface out of multpile classes to create duck types


  • Makes it possible to stub method calls on objects that utilize method missing.
  • Removed the need to require both bogus and bogus/rspec.
  • Implemented anonymous fakes.
  • Fixed a bug in copying ActiveRecord classes.
  • (internal) Replaced autoloads with require.


Initial version.

  • Fakes.
  • Safe spying, stubbing, mocking.
  • Veryfying contracts defined by test doubles.

Last published over 7 years ago by Adam Pohorecki.