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Under Construction

This is a work in progress and has not yet been released. When this project is
operational, this README will be updated to reflect that. For now, you are
looking at something between software and vaporware, or as I like to call it

Design Goals of Postwiki

  • Semantic links turn what would otherwise be purely opaque text content into
    machine-usable information. Linking in Postwiki will support qualifiers or
    "tags" which turn ordinary links into the equivalent of RDF triples aka

  • Sparql or other query language support for embedding dynamic content within
    posts, so you could produce a list or table of all posts by properties or
    having certain relationships through semantic links.

  • It should be very easy to programatically interact with the wiki through an
    API thus extending the value of its content and relational structures. I
    foresee several applications that I would build when the core features are in

  • Markup language should be minimalistic, natural and obvious. I am choosing
    Markdown as the basis for the wikitext with a couple simple enhancements to
    make it even easier to link to other posts in the same wiki.

  • Storage layer should be abstracted and interchangeable from the logical wiki
    application code. This is because there are unique advantages to supporting
    multiple classes of storage:

    • Simple SQLite database for personal or small team wikis.

    • MySQL database backend for a range of wiki applications.

    • Git-based file store: you can interact with the files as assets directly if
      you keep the data of the wiki in a git repository as flat-files. This
      allows all kinds of asset repurposing.

    • CassandraCQL store: massive distributed data store allows for web-scale wiki
      installations and possibly a Postwiki-as-a-service venture some day.


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  3. Describing relationships with tags
  4. Linking to other post
  5. Linking to unknown post creates a placeholder
  6. Updating a post
  7. User Pages
  8. Wiki Homepage

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