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Project: Muni-demo


Muni Demo App

This application is meant as a demo for presenting a proposal to my current job as for August 2017. This proposal is about creating an automated CI/CD pipeline using new technology to decrease the time spent in manual integration and deployment.

Current situation

Currently all integration and deployment is done manually, which is unacceptable for modern standards, moreover our team is just 5 people working on both development and operations. In order to increase the time spent in tasks that deliver high value to our clients we have to automate as much as possible all repetitive tasks.

About this app

This demo application is an old school Blog, made with the sole purpose of creating a demo app. It's architectured using SOA(Service Oriented Architecture). And it's divided between an API service and web front-end service.


You could contact me if you like this project and want to know more about it, simply mail me.


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Last published over 5 years ago by Carlos Frias.