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Project: Cucumber-js


Cucumber Technology Compatibility Kit

Implementation-independent Cucumber features

This is the collection of features that are expected to run successfully against any Cucumber implementation.

Running with Aruba and Cucumber 1.0

This project contains Ruby step definitions that can be used to run all the features with Aruba and Cucumber 1.0 (ruby). The main reason for running with Aruba is that this can generate documentaion/examples from the features. See Aruba's documentation on reports for details.

Running with your own (bootstrapped) Cucumber implementation

Once you manage to get the core.feature running you should be able to start running the other features as well...


  1. Backgrounds
  2. Calling steps from step definitions
  3. Command line interface
  4. Command line options
  6. Core: Scenarios, Steps, Mappings
  7. Data Tables
  8. Doc Strings
  9. Environment Hooks
  10. Failing steps
  11. Internationalization (I18n)
  12. JSON formatter
  13. Pretty formatter
  14. Scenario Outlines and Examples
  15. Stats collector
  16. Step argument transforms
  17. Tags
  18. Undefined steps
  19. Wire protocol
  20. World (or Context)

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