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Project: Redcar



  1. Adding and committing files in a working copy
  2. Adding parameters to commands
  3. Adding parameters to commands
  4. Align Assignment
  5. Auto Complete
  6. Automatically insert paired characters
  7. Change Case
  8. Checking out a repository
  9. Clear Line
  10. Clear Line
  11. Close directory tree
  12. Command history
  13. Commenting a selected area of text
  14. Commenting lines by prefixing a comment string
  15. Cursor navigation
  16. Cut and Paste
  17. Editing and indexing files in a working copy
  18. Extended search
  19. Find file
  20. Goto line command
  21. Grammar
  22. Highlight the File of the focussed tab in tree
  23. Ignoring external files within a working directory
  24. Indentation commands
  25. Indents Ruby code correctly
  26. Insert a tab
  27. Kill Line
  28. Line delimiter
  29. Lower Text
  30. Main menu
  31. Merging two branches together
  32. Multiple notebooks
  33. Multiple windows
  34. Navigating web content in HtmlTabs using the browser bar
  35. Navigation and editing keys have special behaviour in a REPL
  36. Open a new tab
  37. Open and save files
  38. Open directory tree
  39. Opening other branches as new projects
  40. Opening subprojects with shared configuration files
  41. Outline View
  42. Predictive macros
  43. Previewing how a file will appear in a browser
  44. Raise Text
  45. Refresh directory tree
  46. Replace current line with clipboard contents
  47. Replace in file
  48. Resolving conflicts
  49. Reverting and deleting files in a working copy
  50. Running an alternate file runner
  51. Running commands in a tab
  52. Search in file
  53. Show snippets in a tree
  54. Showing and opening bookmarks in a tree
  55. Showing commands in a command tree
  56. Snippets
  57. Snippets should indent correctly
  58. Soft and hard tabs
  59. Sort Lines
  60. Strip Trailing Spaces
  61. Switch and move tabs within a notebook
  62. Syntax Checking for Groovy
  63. Syntax Checking for Java
  64. Syntax Checking for JavaScript
  65. Syntax Checking for Mirah
  66. Syntax Checking for Ruby
  67. The font size can be increased and decreased within bounds
  68. Trim line
  69. Undo and Redo
  70. Updating a working copy from a remote repository
  71. Using file properties in commands
  72. Watch for modified files
  73. Word Matching