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Project: Vim-ruby-refactoring


Ruby Refactoring Tool for Vim


If you identify any issues or specific funtionality you would like to see added, write the Cucumber feature and submit an issue or a pull request:

Scenario: Add a parameter to a method defined with no parameters or parentheses
  Given I have the following code:
  def set_name
  When I select the method and execute:
  And I fill in the parameter "name"
  Then I should see:
  def set_name(name)



  1. Add Parameter :RAddParameter
  2. Add Parameter No Brackets :RAddParameterNB
  3. Convert Post Conditional :RConvertPostConditional
  4. Extract Constant :RExtractConstant
  5. Extract Local Variable :RExtractLocalVariable
  6. Extract Method :RExtractMethod
  7. Extract RSpec Let :RExtractLet
  8. Inline Temp :RInlineTemp
  9. Rename Local Variable :RRenameLocalVariable
  10. Renaming instance variable :RRenameInstanceVariable

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