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Look at Other Profiles

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As a user

In order to check out other people on Sirenio

I want to look at their profiles

Checkout my friend's public profile
my friend "Brawne Lamia" has added her data field to her public investor profile
she has made that data field privacy setting
I am a user
I navigate to "Brawne Lamia"'s public investor profile -> subsection
I should or should not see her data field on her public profile
data field privacy setting should or should not subsection
name n/a should account
headline n/a should account
picture n/a should account
birthday public should account
birthday private should not account
email public should account
email private should not account
interests public should account
interests private should not account
skills public should account
skills private should not account
experiences public should account
experiences private should not account
educations public should account
educations private should not account
suggestedCompanies public should companies
suggestedCompanies private should not companies

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