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Project: Cql 1.2.1


The cql gem uses a DSL to specify queries on a repository object that holds the models which represent a Cucumber test suite. The DSL can query for any attribute that is available on the underlying models.

Sample usage:
cql_repo.query do
select name, source_line
from features

Query results are returned as a list of attribute mappings for all of the models found in the repository. The sample query above might return:

[{'name' => 'Feature 1', 'source_line' => 1},
{'name' => 'Feature 2', 'source_line' => 3},
{'name' => 'Feature 3', 'source_line' => 10}]

Background A sample Cucumber suite
a directory "test_directory"
a file "test_directory/test_file_1.feature":
Feature: A test feature

  Scenario: Test 1
    * some steps

  Scenario: Test 2
    * some other steps

  Scenario Outline: Test 3
    * some steps
  Examples: First examples
    | param |
    | value |
  Examples: Second examples
    | param |
    | value |
a repository is made from "test_directory"
Automatic string conversion

Although most times it is unnecessary, using full strings in a query can remove syntactical ambiguity.

the following query is executed:
select name
from scenarios
the result is the same as the result of the following query:
select 'name'
from 'scenarios'

Last published over 5 years ago by Eric Kessler.