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Project: Cinemania


Scenario 1: Matthew finds something good to watch

Matthew is a geek that loves to go to the movies when there’s something good to watch. So every weekend, when he is relaxing at a caffe or at restaurant and starts to plan his evening he asks himself if there is something good at the theaters. That’s when the frustration begins.
Because each theater screens different movies, he needs to search between theaters which movies are screening. Doing that on slow apps on 4G is quite stressing.
Than, knowing which movies are screening, he still needs to know if any of those are worth watching. Being both a geek and a moviegoer he knows that rotten tomatoes is the place to go for that. But searching for each movie the slow rotten tomatoes website is enough to make things even worse. By the end of the search what should be a relaxing moment became a stressing one.

magic happens

Matthew finally found a way to find which movie is worth watching when and where. He still can’t believe that it took less than 30 seconds. He is happy that planing for a fun evening became a fun event in itself.

Scenario 1a: Matthew lists movie by theater

Matthew and his wife Samantha are deciding where to grab lunch and they remember that there is a theater close to one of their favorite restaurants. They wonder if there is anything good screening at that specific theater. Instantly Matthew sees that one of movies that is screening is worth watching and by the screening time they will have time enough to lunch.
Impressed by how fast and easy it was to find what they needed they agree that they have time enough to eat and still arrive at time for one of the screenings.

Scenario 1b: Samantha plans the weekend

Samantha is planing a fun weekend for Matthew and her. They love going to the theater, so she wonders if there is anything worth watching this weekend. They prefer some theaters rather than others, so she lists all movies on their favorite theaters at once and the tomatometer of one of the movies triggers her curiosity. After watching the trailer she glances at the screening times and decide to watch it. She goes back to work confident that they will have a great movie to watch this weekend.

Scenario 1c: Matthew decides watch a movie on the fly

Matthew is passing by a theater and wonders if there is something worth watching. There are posters of many movies on the walls, but it’s not clear which movies are screening now and which are just marketing. Also by the poster is impossible to know which of the movies are good. He opens the app and it instantly list movies that are screening on this theater in the next hours. The rating looks good for first on the list, he looks into it to watch the trailer and know more about it. The movie looks great and he is excited to watch it, he sees that there is a screening scheduled in the next couple hours so he decides for it. He goes shopping to pass time until the movie starts, happy that he got this opportunity on the fly.

Scenario 2: Rebecca adds beautiful movie posters

Rebecca is the geek designer responsible for maintaining the movie content up to date. Most of the content is updated daily by an automatic Scraper. She wants to make sure every movie has the perfect image for the cover and poster to trigger the curiosity of the users about each movie. Sometimes the scrapped content is wrong and the images are not the best. This makes Rebecca really sad because the app she designed with so much care looks crappy with crappy content.

magic happens

Rebecca can update images and any scrapped content instantly. It’s so easy and fun that she wants to use same solution on all her client projects from now on.

Scenario 2a: Movies are updated automagically

Rebbeca needs to keep the content updated with new movies and screening times that can change on daily basis on some theaters. Today like every morning she received a daily notification about the automatic database update. Today the notification tells her that there are 2 news movies that need her attention and content review.

Scenario 2b: Rebbeca review movie content

Rebbeca wants to make sure every movie has the perfect image for the cover and poster to trigger the curiosity of the users about each movie. So when she received a notification about new movies on the database, she quickly and easily update each movie with stunning images. Once the images are updated she notices that one of the movies names doesn’t look right and she fixes it instantly. The whole process took a couple minutes and she is confident that the movies information is not only correct but also look great.

Scenario 2c: Rebbeca rescue the automatic updater

Rebbeca wakes up and instead of the usual notification for new movies added to the database, she receives a notification of an error. She calls the developer responsible for the updater and ask for help. The developer notices the problem. One of the sources changed the structure of their content. The system was designed with this changes in mind, so the fix takes less than 10 minutes to be on production. Rebbeca receives a notification of database update right after that, so she is confident that everything is working again.


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Last published about 1 year ago by Julio Protzek.