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Organizing your media

Organizing Music and Video Items

This chapter organizing music and video files in Miro.

Edit Metadata Panel

The Edit Metadata Panel allows users to manually update information
about items displayed in the Miro library. It can be used to edit single
or multiple items.

The dialog is accessible via the menus. The menu option is activated
when either a single item or multiple items are selected.

Open the Edit Metadata panel:

Select 1 or several items then use one of the methods below to open the
panel: 1. Right-click context menu 2. Item context menu 3. File -> Edit
Item 4. Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL/CMD + I

To edit a single item:

  1. Open the edit metadata panel as described above
  2. Modify the fields in the General tab that you want to change
  3. Toggle to the Video tab for video-specific metadata fields
  4. Click OK to save the changes and close the dialog.

To edit metadata for mulitple items:

  1. Open the panel as described above
  2. Check the box alongside each field you want to change
  3. Enter in the new value or values
  4. Click OK to close the dialog.


Editing Item Type

Items are automatically catagorized by miro as: 1. Music 2. Video 3.

Files are displayed in the corresponding library tab.

In the case that Miro metadata processes have mis-categorized an item,
the user can manually change the item type setting either by dragging
the item to the tab that represents the desired file type, or by editing
it via the Edit Item Details panel.

To change a file type: 1. Click on the item or items 2. Drag and Drop
them into the Sidebar tab the represents the choosen type.

Alternatively you can use the Edit Item dialog as describe above and
choose the correct value from the Type field.

Video Kind

Video Kind is a user specified metadata field. The Videos
sidebar tab has filters for: 1. Movies 2. Shows 3. Clips 4. Podcasts

To edit the Video Kind using a menu option:

  1. Select the item or items you'd like to change
  2. Open the item context menu
  3. Move to the Set media kind as... option
  4. Choose a value (Movie, Show, Clip, Podcast)

Automatic Song and Album Art lookup

Using Echonest and 7Digital, miro can be configured to lookup the song
info and albumm art for audio files.

When run, the lookup sends anonymized data to a cache server which
passes the information to Echonest to retrieve the song information and
7Digital for the album art.

First time startup configuration

When installing Miro for the first time: an option to turn on lookup is
provided in the Music Settings screen of the first time startup


Clicking Music tab are upgrade from pre-5.0 version

If Miro is upgraded from a version earlier than Miro 5.0. The first time
the Music tab is clicked, a dialog display asking to use the song
info lookup.


Turning on / off Lookup from the Preferences Panel

The Preferences Panel General tab controls turning metadata lookup
on and off for all audio files or for newly added music files.

This is covered in: ref:`configuring-chapter`.

To run lookup for all audio files:
~ Click Run Online Lookup for All Current Music

To remove lookup data from the item metadata display
~ Click Remove All Lookup Data

To lookup information for all newly added items:
~ Check Automatically run online lookup for any new audio files that
I add to Miro


Toggling on and off Lookup from the File Menu

To toggle the use of echonest data for one or a few items:

  1. Select the item or items
  2. Open the File menu
  3. Choose Use album art and song info from online lookup database (Echonest)


Toggling on and off Lookup from the Context Menu

To toggle the use of echonest data for one or a few items:

  1. Select the item or items
  2. Open the context menu
  3. Choose *Use album art and song info from online lookup database (Echonest)

4. Choose Don't Use Online Lookup Data to toggle the setting off.



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