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Searching video websites

Miro allows you to search many popular video websites.

  1. Click on the Video search tab in the sidebar. This brings up the
    video search view in the main view.


  2. In the upper right hand corner of the view, there's a text box with
    a menu of icons on the left side.

  3. Click on the icon and choose the search engine you wish to search.

  4. Type the query into the text box and hit the Enter key.

Miro will send a query to the website and display the results in the
video search view.

Saving a video website search

Once you've done a video website search, you can save that search as a

To do so, click on the Save as a Podcast button.

The podcast will now appear in your sidebar and will update along with
all your other podcasts.

Searching podcasts for specific items

Miro can let you search the all the items in a podcast for a specified
search string making items easier to find.

  1. Select the tab for the podcast in the that you want to search.


  2. In the upper right hand corner is a search box. Type your search in here. Searches are incremental meaning that as soon as you start typing, the view is filtered.

Saving a podcast search

Once you've done a podcast search, you can save this search as a
filtered podcast.

To do so, enter in the search and then press the Save Search button.

The filtered podcast will now appear in your sidebar.


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