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Project: Appsent 0.1.0.rc1

Appsent 0.1.0.rc1

APPSENT - awesome config management solution Build Status


In every application (especially big apps, where a lot of people working on it) you need
to have many config files, where settings for different environments (development, test, and production as minimum),
and without some settings there application will fail, and sometime it takes long time to find where was mistake.
This gem provides easy way to handle loading different config files, validations for necessary config values, in a such way:
your application will not start until you fill all needed settings, and when you done you will have access to every your in a convenient way.


Initialize application with config requirements:

require 'appsent'
AppSent.init(:path => 'config', :env => ENV['RACK_ENV']) do

  # Hash-based config:
  mongo_db_config do
    host      String, 'Host to connect to MongoDB' => 'localhost'
    port      Fixnum, 'Port to connect to MongoDB'
    pool_size Fixnum
    timeout   Fixnum

  exception_notification_recipients Array


Access to config values performs in a such way:

AppSent::MONGO_DB_CONFIG['host'] #=>'localhost'

TODO: more doc


  1. Array with nested params
  2. Complex usage
  3. Simple usage example
  4. Usage with nested params example

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