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Project: Mirage


Mirage in an open source project that can be used to mock HTTP services. It facilitates application development in environments where external systems aren't easily accessed or can't be made to behave in a repeatable way.

At its core, Mirage is a web application with a restful interface that can be configured with responses. The descriptors for these response are called Templates.

If you're using Ruby then Mirage has a client to get you going straight away.

If you're using another language, then the interface to Mirage is simple and it would be great to see clients emerging other languages too. If you need any help please ask! :)


  1. Commandline interface
  2. Templates
  3. Requests
  4. Snapshot
  5. Preloading Templates
  6. Logs
  7. Web interface
  8. Ruby client

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