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Project: Cvg


CVG - Curriculum Vitae Generator

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CVG aims to be an generator to generate a CV out of data provided
in various Formats like JSON, YAML or XML.


  • Everything :sweat_smile:


CVG should take a data file as input and generate a CV that's either
ready to print or to publish on the Web.

The Input file should contain all necessary informations for the CV
including an application photo (or a link/path to one).

  • Input options:

    • JSON
    • YAML
    • XML
    • ...?
  • Output options:

    • Web (HTML/CSS) for an online and print CV
    • Postscript for a print CV
    • ...?


  1. --help option
  2. Error Output
  3. Exit Status

Last published over 7 years ago by mgoerlich.