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Project: Micropurchase



  1. Admin accepts delivery of a project
  2. Admin archives auction
  3. Admin can mark a delivery missed for an auction
  4. Admin creates auctions in the admins panel
  5. Admin creates skills in the admins panel
  6. Admin designates an admin as a contracting officer
  7. Admin downloads auction data
  8. Admin downloads user data
  9. Admin edits auctions in the admins panel
  10. Admin Edits Customers
  11. Admin manually adds C2 information for default P-card auctions
  12. Admin marks auction as delivered
  13. Admin masquerades as a user
  14. Admin publishes auction in the admin panel
  15. Admin rejects auction
  16. Admin requests C2 approval for an auction
  17. Admin signs in
  18. Admin view needs attention auctions
  19. Admin views admins
  20. Admin views an auction with payment needed from an "other" P-card
  21. Admin views auctions in the admin panel
  22. Admin views available auction
  23. Admin views closed auction
  24. Admin views closed auctions in the admin panel
  25. Admin views future auction
  26. Admin views missing Payment URL
  27. Admin views open auction
  28. Admin views payment receipt
  29. Admin views profile
  30. Admin views public auction pages
  31. Admin views user
  32. Admin views venedors
  33. Admin views work in progress auction
  34. Automatically checking a user's SAM status
  35. Basic Auction Views
  36. Contracting Officers
  37. Guest views bid details
  38. Guest views closed auction
  39. Guest views future auction
  40. Guest Views Insights page
  41. Guest views open auction
  42. Guest with token views unpublished auction
  43. Signing in and out
  44. Signing up
  45. Vendor bids on a reverse auction
  46. Vendor bids on a sealed-bid auction
  47. Vendor edits profile
  48. Vendor updates Payment URL
  49. Vendor views a closed sealed-bid auction
  50. Vendor views an open auction
  51. Vendor views auctions set aside for small businesses only
  52. Vendor views bid details
  53. Vendor views closed auctions
  54. Vendor views future auction
  55. Vendor views profile
  56. Winning vendor confirms payment
  57. Winning vendor views auction
  58. Winning vendor works on an auction