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Project: Mysql-expectations 1.0.1

Mysql-expectations 1.0.1

The mysqldum_expectations gem contains rspec matchers to help you test your database by making assertions on the structure and data of your database using the mysqldump of that database.

This gem operates on a xml dump of the database as returned from the following mysqldump command:

mysqldump --xml --no-data --all-databases \
  --host=${host} --port=${port} \
  --user=${user} -p > mysqldump.xml

The option --no-data is optional, but you should include it if you are only planning to make expectations on the structure of your database.

If you are only going to make expectations for a particular database, you could replace the --all_databases option with the name of one or more database test.

Reading this documentation

As you browse this documentation, you will find a template for a complete rspec file in the Background section of each feature. Use this template to get started with your own rspec expectations on your database.


  1. Rspec database matchers
  2. Rspec table matchers

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