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Request Report

As a job
I want to request a report to be generated
So that the user can view the report

that a realm is active
Requesting a report
a "Request Report" job version "1" is invoked with the following uic:
targets attributes
<ns>;ReportRequest;<report_request_id>;0 <report_request_id>;report_name;Contacts
the request to "Request Report" is received
a new "ReportRequest" will be created with:
attribute value
domain_obj_id <report_request_id>
domain_obj_state requested
report_name Contacts
report_parameters this_is_a_ref_to_another_uic
output_directory whatever_from_user_settings
requester_fullname John Depot
subdomain_url powerestate
'the ReportRequest will be created under RequestRegister > Reports'
a :report_command_request will be created
Exception when the requester is not found

For a context to run, it needs a job payload which contains the uic and other mandatory attributes,
such as: job_type, job_version, user_id, realm_ns, realm_id, etc.

The context that runs "Request Report" job will get a user_profile given the user_id to retrieve the
report's requester's name. If the user_id given is invalid - i.e. does not exist,
then a ObjectNotFoundException will be thrown.

This scenario does not have any steps.

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