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Produces Email Commands

This job updates a runtime test object, which then causes it to produce an email command.
This command contains information about what the email contains, who it should be sent to and when it should be sent.
It should contain all information required so that upon receiving the command object, the job should be able to
execute it.

A command may contain on success or on success follow-on. If it does contain these information, then on successful
execution of the command, the on success follow-on shall be executed. On failure of execution, the on failure follow-on
shall be executed. If none are specified, then the job should not do any follow-on.

Updating an attribute of Type5 Object generates an email command
a :request_to_update_type5 is made for version "1" for "Update Runtime Objects"
a :type5_with_email_command_definition exists in the application
the :email_command_definition exists in the application
the test object has a parent :test_object_collection_with_runtime_objects_as_children
the request is received
the :generated_trigger_event_transaction is returned via the response object
the :created_email_command is returned via the response object

Last published over 7 years ago by nbeagley.