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Project: Data-curator


Acceptance tests for Data Curator are:

Writing a test

Markdown tips

  • add two trailing spaces to the end of user stories to make a soft line break. Check that your editor doesn't automatically remove trailing spaces - use the underline method for headings in feature descriptions
  • Name readme's README.md (case matters)

General Rules

  • the feature name should be some terse yet descriptive text of what is desired
  • Don't put "or" in the Given/When/Then statements - these statements should be pulled out into two different scenarios.
  • Don't put conditions in When/Then statements. An if statement can be changed into two different scenarios and the if condition put up into the Given statement.
  • Use "quotes" arounded named things in the Application, e.g. a "Menu item name"
  • Use "double quotes" not 'single quotes'

Rules for Given

Rules for When

  • Don't drive the User Interface in the When statement. State what happened, not how it happened.
  • Single When per scenario

Rules for Then

  • Use "should" in Then statement


We use @tags to help manage features:

  • the @backlog tag is used to indicate that the feature is not in our release plans
  • the @draft tab is used for draft features
  • the @impl tab indicates that feature tests have been automated


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Last published 9 months ago by Stephen Gates.