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Welcome to Relish

Relish is a service where developers can publish living documentation about the software they're writing.

Key features:

  • publish Cucumber or markdown files as pages of documentation
  • private projects
  • full-text search
  • canonical URLs for documentation pages to pass around the team
  • organisations to group projects together for a team or company

How do I use Relish?

If you're a developer or tester who wants to publish documentation, try our Quick Start Guide. If you just want to read documentation, ask your developers to add you as a collaborator on their project, and then visit your dashboard where a link to the project should have appeared.

We ♥ Feedback

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about how this documentation, or Relish itself, could be improved. We especially like engaged discussions on our UserVoice forum.


  • Aslak Hellesoy for Cucumber
  • David Chelimsky for playing the power user and driving us on with so many great ideas
  • Justin Ko for writing masses of the original relish codebase
  • The AAFTT group for coming up with the term Living Documentation


  1. Living Documentation
  2. Quick Start Guide
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  4. Api
  5. Billing
  6. Client gem
  7. Dashboard
  8. Guest access
  9. Home Page
  10. Projects
  11. Publishers
  12. Search
  13. Users
  14. Visitors

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