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RSpec is divided up into several sub-projects, each of which produces its own Ruby gem.
They can be used together or separately.

The common case is to use rspec-core, rspec-expectations, and rspec-mocks as a unit.
In this case, you only need install the rspec gem, which depends on the other three, so they
will be installed at the same time. That part is simple. Which versions get installed is a bit trickier.

The rspec gem uses a Pessimistic Version Constraint (e.g. "~> 3.0.0") to declare its
eependencies on the rspec-core, rspec-expectations, and rspec-mocks gems. This
means that when you install rspec-3.0.0, you'll get the latest patch releases of rspec
, rspec-expectations-3.0, and rspec-mocks-3.0, but you won't get versions >= 3.1.

Last published about 8 years ago by myronmarston.