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Project: RSpec Core 3.7

Windows may require additional solutions to display color

The output uses ANSI escape codes to show text in color. Windows
systems (shells) often don't interpret those codes at all.

If you're on Windows and you see ANSI escape codes in the output
(something like [1m [31m ) and your text isn't in different colors,
you may need to install a utility so that your Windows shell will
interpret those codes correctly and show the colors. Here are some
popular solutions:

  • ANSICON: ANSICON runs 'on top of' cmd or powershell. This is a very
    popular solution. You can set it up so that it's always used whenever
    you use cmd or powershell, or use it only at specific times.

  • Alternatives to cmd.exe or powershell: ConEmu, Console2, ConsoleZ

  • Unix-like shells and utilities: cygwin, babun, MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows)

To find out more, search for information about those solutions.


Last published about 5 years ago by myronmarston.