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Project: RSpec Rails 2.3


Upgrading from rspec-rails-1.x to rspec-rails-2.

This is a work in progress. Please submit errata, missing steps, or patches to
the rspec-rails issue tracker.

Rake tasks

Delete lib/tasks/rspec.rake, if present. Rake tasks now live in the rspec-rails


There were a few changes to the generated spec/spec_helper.rb file. We
recommend the following:

  1. set aside a copy of your existing spec/spec_helper.rb file.
  2. run rails generate spec:install
  3. copy any customizations from your old spec_helper to the new one

If you prefer to make the changes manually in the existing spec_helper, here
is what you need to change:

# rspec-1
require 'spec/autorun'

Spec::Runner.configure do |config|

# rspec-2
require 'rspec/core'

RSpec.configure do |config|

Controller specs

response.should render_template

This needs to move from before the action to after. For example:

# rspec-rails-1
controller.should render_template("edit")
get :edit, :id => "37"

# rspec-rails-2
get :edit, :id => "37"
response.should render_template("edit")

rspec-1 had to monkey patch Rails to get render_template to work before the
action, and this broke a couple of times with Rails releases (requiring urgent
fix releases in RSpec). Part of the philosophy of rspec-rails-2 is to rely on
public APIs in Rails as much as possible. In this case, render_template
delegates directly to Rails' assert_template, which only works after the

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