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Project: Weyland 0.1.0

Weyland 0.1.0

Build better software, slay bigger dragons.

Writing code is easy. Building software is hard. Really hard. Weyland hopes to
change some of that.

Weyland is a software development lifecycle tool. It includes a robust build system,
an intelligent dependency management system, and a scm wrapper which aims to integrate
your development workflow with your software development.

Weyland, simply, put is a tool which hopes to motivate you to build better software
using best practices that you define. It works with you to ensure that you have all
of the dependent software you need to build and run your code. It automatically builds,
tests, and merges your changes with your teammates changes. Weyland will automatically
test your code with the latest versions of the code that you depend on, and if you
let it will upgrade your code when it's safe to do so.


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Last published over 7 years ago by smkell.