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Project: Saxerator 0.7.1

Dsl predicates

The DSL consists of predicates that may be combined to describe which elements Saxerator will enumerate over.
Saxerator will only enumerate over chunks of xml that match all of the combined predicates.

Predicate Explanation
all Returns the entire document parsed into a hash. Cannot combine with other predicates
for_tag(name) Elements whose name matches the given name
for_tags(names) Elements whose name is in the names Array
at_depth(n) Elements n levels deep inside the root of an xml document. The root element itself is n = 0
within(name) Elements nested anywhere within an element with the given name
child_of(name) Elements that are direct children of an element with the given name
with_attribute(name, value) Elements that have an attribute with a given name and value. If no value is given, matches any element with the specified attribute name present
with_attributes(attrs) Similar to with_attribute except takes an Array or Hash indicating the attributes to match


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