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A new take on blogging. Heavily influenced by Timeless.
A little bit wiki, a little bit blog, a lot a bit hypertext.

Build Status

Preview Warning!

This is pre-1.0, so don't expect anything. At all. Consider this text
explanatory of my intentions, most of this doesn't work. Look at the features to
see what does.

Blogs are a leaky abstraction

Blogs are primarily organized by time. I post something, I post something, I
post something. Read the newest article, check out archives, etc. This is great
for what blogs were originally invented for: sharing opinions. But when you're
trying to share information that's not organized this way, it's pretty
terrible. You have to go back and edit articles with a "REVISED: READ THIS HERE"
link, the presentaton is all wrong...

There's gotta be some better way to present stuff.

Why not a wiki?

Wikis are all organized around topics. A personal wiki would work sorta like a
blog, if you added a Changelog to it. But what if you want to write something
that spans multiple topics? What if it doesn't fit into the ontology you've
created? Something that spans multiple topics? An article series? All would
work, but be a bit awkward in the wiki format.

Something that is nice about wikis is the non-linearity of it. This can be good
and bad, of course:

xkcd The Problem With Wikipedia

That's good in this case, though. :)

The solution

Hence this experiment. I want the temporal feel of a blog, "Here's what I'm
working on." I want the non-linearness of a wiki. Sooooo hyperwiki!

Basically, a big old collection of articles, with a changelog so you can view
its history linearly, but with native support for things like series. With
hyperlinking between articles. With pages for definitions and concepts, yet
space for editorial stuff too. Also, revisions on articles, so you can see past

A few extra features

Hyperwiki will also include a neat feature: driven by members. Given an account,
you'll be able to click on links that point to nowhere, and vote on that page.
The administrator can use this information to help determine what to write about

It'll also have the option of being private, members-only. An exclusive club.

I'm sure some more will come up as I go. We'll see.


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Last published over 7 years ago by steveklabnik.