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Project: Vcr 6.1.0

Getting Started

Install it

[sudo] gem install vcr
[sudo] gem install webmock

Configure it

Create a file named vcr_setup.rb with content like:

require 'vcr'

VCR.configure do |c|
  c.cassette_library_dir = 'vcr_cassettes'
  c.hook_into :webmock

Ensure this file is required by your test suite before any
of the tests are run.

Use it

Run your tests. Any tests that make HTTP requests using Net::HTTP will
raise errors like:

An HTTP request has been made that VCR does not know how to handle:
  GET http://example.com/

There is currently no cassette in use. There are a few ways
you can configure VCR to handle this request:

  * If you want VCR to record this request and play it back during future test
    runs, you should wrap your test (or this portion of your test) in a
    `VCR.use_cassette` block [1].
  * If you only want VCR to handle requests made while a cassette is in use,
    configure `allow_http_connections_when_no_cassette = true`. VCR will
    ignore this request since it is made when there is no cassette [2].
  * If you want VCR to ignore this request (and others like it), you can
    set an `ignore_request` callback [3].

[1] https://www.relishapp.com/myronmarston/vcr/v/2-0-0/docs/getting-started
[2] https://www.relishapp.com/myronmarston/vcr/v/2-0-0/docs/configuration/allow-http-connections-when-no-cassette
[3] https://www.relishapp.com/myronmarston/vcr/v/2-0-0/docs/configuration/ignore-request

Find one of these tests (preferably one that uses the same HTTP method and
request URL every time--if not, you'll have to configure the request matcher).
Wrap the body of it (or at least the code that makes the HTTP request) in a
VCR.use_cassette block:

VCR.use_cassette('whatever cassette name you want') do
   # the body of the test would go here...

Run this test. It will record the HTTP request to disk as a cassette (a
test fixture), with content like:

- request:
    method: get
    uri: http://example.com/
    body: ''
    headers: {}
      code: 200
      message: OK
      - text/html;charset=utf-8
      - '26'
    body: This is the response body
    http_version: '1.1'
  recorded_at: Tue, 01 Nov 2011 04:58:44 GMT
recorded_with: VCR 2.0.0

Disconnect your computer from the internet. Run the test again.
It should pass since VCR is automatically replaying the recorded
response when the request is made.

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