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As an
I want to
So that

the unit with alias "ctx_QA-View-unit-details" exists:
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I open the unit with alias "ctx_QA-View-unit-details"
the details for the unit with alias "ctx_QA-View-unit-details" displayed should be like:
Unit Title View unit details
Unit Description Any given description
Production Stage ready for publishing
CEFR Stages A1,B1,C1
Compass Topics National cousine (ethnic food)
Compass can-do statements Can state their favorite food
Compass functions Can you spell that, please?
Compass grammar points Requests: Can,Can't
ILS Business unit ID ID000
the following units should be displayed within the course with alias "ctx_QA-View-unit-details"
ctx_QA View unit details - Playlist 1
ctx_QA View unit details - Playlist 2
ctx_QA View unit details - Playlist 3

Last published over 6 years ago by Willy De la Cruz Sierra.