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WeDeploy Examples

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Ensure each example deploys successfully.

Successfully deploy each example
my current user plan is "premium"
I sign in to WeDeploy as a test user
I should be able to successfully deploy "Example Repository" with "Services" services
Example Repository Services
apache-example httpd
auth-example auth
auth-web-example auth email ui
bamboo-example bamboo
data-example data
data-web-example db ui
elasticsearch-example es
elixir-example elixirplug
email-example email
email-web-example email ui
file-upload-example upload
forsale-example admin data ui
geolocation-search-example db ui
ghost-example blog
hosting-example ui
java-example java
java-maven-example maven
jekyll-example jekyll
jenkins-example jenkins
liferay-dxp-example db es liferay
liferay-portal-ce-example liferay
mariadb-example db admin
micro-example app
mongodb-example md
mysql-example db admin
newsletter-example email ui
nextjs-example nextjs
nodejs-example nodejs
nuxtjs-example nuxtjs
owncloud-example mysql owncloud
phoenix-example phoenix
piwik-example db piwik
play-framework-example play
postgres-example db admin
redis-example redis
rocketchat-example db app
ruby-example ruby
sentry-example cron postgres redis sentry worker
spotify-example auth ui
supermarket-web-example auth data email ui
tomcat-example mytomcat
user-roles-example auth node
volumes-example app1 app2
whatsapp-web-example data ui
wildfly-example mywildfly
wordpress-example db dbadmin wp

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