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Project: Ruby-style-guide


  • Write ruby -w safe code.

  • Avoid hashes as optional parameters. Does the method do too much? (Object initializers are exceptions for this rule).

  • Avoid methods longer than 10 LOC (lines of code). Ideally, most methods will be shorter than
    5 LOC. Empty lines do not contribute to the relevant LOC.

  • Avoid parameter lists longer than three or four parameters.

  • If you really need "global" methods, add them to Kernel
    and make them private.

  • Use module instance variables instead of global variables.

    # bad
    $foo_bar = 1
    # good
    module Foo
      class << self
        attr_accessor :bar
    Foo.bar = 1
  • Avoid alias when alias_method will do.

  • Use OptionParser for parsing complex command line options and
    ruby -s for trivial command line options.

  • Prefer Time.now over Time.new when retrieving the current system time.

  • Code in a functional way, avoiding mutation when that makes sense.

  • Do not mutate arguments unless that is the purpose of the method.

  • Avoid more than three levels of block nesting.

  • Be consistent. In an ideal world, be consistent with these guidelines.

  • Use common sense.

Last published almost 7 years ago by David Kariuki.