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Project: Ruby-style-guide


Here's some tools to help you automatically check Ruby code against
this guide.


RuboCop is a Ruby code style
checker based on this style guide. RuboCop already covers a
significant portion of the Guide, supports both MRI 1.9 and MRI 2.0
and has good Emacs integration.

Vim RuboCop

The Vim RuboCop plugin runs RuboCop and displays the results in Vim.


RubyMine's code inspections are partially based
on this guide.

Sublime RuboCop

Sublime RuboCop is a Sublime Text plugin that runs RuboCop on your Ruby files in the
editor. It will mark issues right inside the view but it can also be
called as a "compiler" from the ST menu.

Last published almost 7 years ago by David Kariuki.