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Project: Ygg


Simple persistence

Ygg is a proof of concept of persistence using YAML and pure Ruby, aimed at making persistence childs play.

At the moment implementation details are changing very fast and most probably Ygg will become a sort of boiling plate for various object messaging and creation patterns, including Serializer

Final stage implementation should be compatible with REST access to resources, in order to integrate ygg with piano or regular Sinatra for fast web site sketching.

Inadecuate features

When I started writing features for Ygg I was still cuking quite wrong.

As soon as implementations of the Serializer advance in Ygg I'll be rewriting them to make them more relevant.


  1. Accessors to loaded resources (object)
  2. Event managing
  3. Load and save a simple record from a file
  4. Ygg Domain Specific Language

Last published over 7 years ago by xaviervia.