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switch_ready handler

The switch-ready is a message indicating a successful connection
established between a switch and your controller. If one wishes to
detect the connection-establishment event one must implement the
:switch_ready method in the controller class.

Note that the switch-ready message is not part of the OpenFlow spec,
but is a Trema-specific message. Internally, Trema::Controller
executes the following steps to emulate the switch-ready message.

  1. Upon connection establishment with the switch a Hello message is sent that completes a version negotiation sequence.
  2. A Feature-Request message is sent awaiting for a Features-Reply message from the switch.
  3. Switch's state and flow tables are cleared/initialized to ensure further correct operation.
  4. Trema::Controller redirects a :switch_ready message to itself with the switch's datapath-ID as its argument.

As Trema performs the above steps in the background, users are
unaware of such details. Users only need to handle the switch-ready

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switch_ready handler
a file named "switch-ready-detector.rb" with:
class SwitchReadyDetector < Controller
  def switch_ready datapath_id
    info "Switch #{ datapath_id.to_hex } is UP"
a file named "sample.conf" with:
vswitch { datapath_id "0xabc" }
I run trema run ./switch-ready-detector.rb -c sample.conf interactively
the output should contain "Switch 0xabc is UP" within the timeout period

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